Industry / Verticals

Smart City

With the advent of new technologies and growth of IoT, a lot of solutions have been integrated and designed specifically for the Smart City ecosystem. We at NetPrise Solutions have worked extensively on smart products in Healthcare, Transport, Smart society and Energy. The products designed are a summation of our research efforts, inputs from domain experts and need for automation of key pain areas in the vertical. The solutions that are built for the smart city initiatives are a meshed offering. The ecosystem of the product comprising individual components from hardware, software and business analytics. This combination not only enhances the success probability of the solution but also increases the productive performance of the solution through constant feedback gathered from Business intelligence component.

Oil & Gas

One of the most complex, dynamic and key segment contributing to the growth of a society is Oil & Gas vertical. There have been numerous initiatives from Govt of India and the Sector itself in integrating latest technologies for transformation of energy production and consumption. With the recent focus of renewable / Green energy drive the focus for adaptation of this change is high in this segment. We are NetPrise Solutions have designed and developed solutions that support the OEM's and ODM's in this segment to migrate to the latest technology with limited investment or change in the current working structure. Automation & Digital Transformation are core values driving these solutions.